BH040N-101-03-U heart, standard design in red SB-

Product.Nr.: 50142

weight: 0,026 KG

Füllgasmenge: 20 L

can be supplied ex stock

width 17inch

BH040N-101-03-U heart, standard design in red SB-

Heart not printed 40cm SB-Pack, Ballontyp Standard

specifications: H040n-00 heart, standard design
material: natural rubber (made of the rubber plant's sap)
nominal diameter inflated: 40 cm
nominal diameter inflated ~ in inch: 16“
max. ~width (horizontal): 45 cm
max. ~ height (vertical): 39 cm
max. ~ thickness : 32 cm
~ horizontal circumference: 121 cm
~ volume: 20 l
~ floating period, when max. filled with balloongas : 12+ hours indoors (without a card attached)
~ maintains air (in closed rooms): 30+ days
~ tractive power (when max. filled with balloongas) : 12 g
max. printable area per side: 14cm x 10cm
dimensions when not inflated:
max. ~ height incl. neck: 126mm
max. ~ width: 103mm
neck (length x width): 40 x 23 mm
neck's diameter: 17 mm
weight: 7g
~volume undilated: 110ml
max. advertising imprint w x h in cm 14 x 12cm
plugs: ZEF, ZF4, ZF6, ZF8, ZF9, ZQ13, ZQD
further: suitable for air and balloongas filling.
customs tariff number: 95039035
customer information: warning: Children under 8 may choke on not inflated or burst balloons. It is therefore absolutely essential to have the children supervised by adults. Not inflated balloons should be kept away from chiuldren. Burst balloons should be removed immediately. Keep off your eyes. It is recommended to use a pump.
- In cold air the balloon loses volume and therefore gets smaller. At higher temperatures he gets taut again.
- storage advice: keep in a cool and dry place (room temperature - not under 7° C)
summer: avoid heat and insolation.
winter: sufficiently preheat frozen balloons ( not more than 50° C) or warm them in your hands.
Avoid broiling the balloon, as he could burst. Also avoid storing the balloon at high humidity, as he would begin to mold. The latex balloon is a natural product.
- Ask us for balloon weights, if the balloon shall not fly away.
All specifications are without engagement and can be changed at any time.

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